Born in Rome and raised in the world of visual arts thanks to his father's pictorial activity in the 70s and 80s he was in close contact with international Masters Domenico Purificato, Aldo Riso, Renato Guttuso, Ugo Attardi, Ilia Peikov, Ibrahim Kodra, Eric Hebborn.

He trained at the 3rd Art High School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome under the teachings of important Masters including Roberto Bossaglia, Fabio Vergoz, Roberto Almagno, Giorgio Scalco, Romano Lotto, Edolo Masci, Valeriano Ciai, Emanuele Floridia, Roberto Alemanno and critics and historians of art Prof. Maurizio Marini and Prof. Luigi Paolo Finizio. After the professional experiences gained in the fields of the interior design, the cinema and the contemporary art as owner and curator of Art'a Moment Art Gallery located in the center of Rome, starting from the analogical photography he decided to approach the digital photography. It uses Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica professional cameras.

The result is realizations of various photographic projects, collaborations with authors and publishers, personal exhibitions of photography in institutional spaces and participation in collective events of photography and contemporary art in some important European cities; he also have exhibited from Accorsi Arte on occasion of the Biennal of Venice. Max Callari conceives art and specifically photography not only as a work but also as a lifestyle; his personal projects is always characterized by an essential observation of reality, a continuous introspective research in constant disagreement with the homologation of his own style; his way of photographing aims to tell. He finds his maximum expression in monochrome, his black and white has been called rich in colors; philosophy and psycology has been a fundamental components of his way of doing Photography especially in portrait, architectural, street photography.
Max Callari was a member of Officine Fotografiche, about his job as a photographic author wrote Prof. Carlo Savini, art historian, President of European Union Academy of Art and Letter Critics of Brussels, London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome.


At the end of February 2019 he have exhibited the conceptual female portrait "Silent beauty" at Micro Arti Visive and after the prestigious award received in May with the other conceptual work "Il segno e la forma" on occasion of International Award "Nothing but Art III Edition", in November he returned to Palazzo Velli Expo with an interesting installation entitled "lost-perduta" an introspective work which has among its themes the incommunicability, his personal tribute to the Master Michelangelo Antonioni. A different and more ambitious idea compared to its past numerous exhibitions, that is mainly inspired by minimalism.


From mid-November 2019 Max Callari is working on his new projects and on his new indipendent space for art and photography.
In 2020 he began production for his new personal exhibition entitled "Recherche".


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