m a x c a l l a r i p h

Born in Rome (1971).
He grew up from a very early age in the world of art thanks to his father's pictorial activity during years '70-'80 and knows international painters including Domenico Purificato, Aldo Riso, Ilia Peikov, Ibrahim Kodra.

He trained at artistic high school and at Academy of Fine Arts in Rome under teachments of important masters and historians as Roberto Bossaglia, Fabio Vergoz, Giorgio Scalco, Edolo Masci, Roberto Almagno, Maurizio Marini. Later to professional experiences gained in the fields of interior design at Bauhaus architecture studio and contemporary art, starting from analog photography he decides after to approach digital photography. He use Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Sony professional cameras, Nikkor, Zeiss lenses. Collaborations with authors and publishers; personal exhibitions of photography at institutional spaces in Rome and Neptune; collectives of photography and contemporary art in Venice, Naples, Rome, Treviso, Luino, Genoa.

His philosophy is characterized by an essential observation of reality, a continuous introspective research in a constant disagreement with homologation of one's own style. His photographic artworks always come from a project, a idea and an initial draft. He finds his maximum expression in monochrome, his black/white has been defined "rich in colors".

About his work wrote Carlo Savini, Art historian, President of UECAL (Academy of European Union of Art Critics and Letters) of Brussels, but in artistic field Max Callari have founded and directed (2008-2010) Art's Moment gallery, a innovative exhibition space located in Rome in which he organized exhibitions for emerging and established artists.

Lives and work in Rome.

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